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ProtekPAK and StrategicSource, Inc. Unite

ProtekPAK and StrategicSource, Inc. Unite in the Battle Against Covid-19, Ensuring All Customers Have
Access to the Best Safety Protection.

ProtekPAK, (  designer and manufacturer of innovative high-quality personal protection equipment and StrategicSource, Inc. ( , a leading spend management consulting company are proud to announce a partnership to help empower people’s safety during the pandemic.

ProtekPAK is a key strategic supplier of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the customers of StrategicSource, ensuring the most cost efficient and innovative solutions with the highest quality protection .  With all the challenges of COVID-19, this partnership was born with a common goal of creating a safer environment and ongoing protection for customers, employees and individuals at work, at home and on the go.

“As we head back to work, school, and the world outside our homes, we are all wondering the same things: How can we protect ourselves? What is the new normal?  While we don’t know exactly what the COVID-19 future holds, there are some things that we can and must do to protect our families, our customers, our employees, and ourselves,” said David Chernitzky, CEO of ProtekPAK. “Our goal at ProtekPAK is to make this transition easier— with comprehensive, protective solutions to keep customers, employees, and loved ones safe and protected.” 

“Our partnership with ProtekPAK demonstrates to our customers that StrategicSource will adapt to the needs of this new environment to provide  high-quality and cost efficient safety products to meet the challenges of the new healthcare environment,” said Douglas Austin. President, StrategicSource, Inc. “ProtekPAK shares our vision of creating a safer and productive environment for our clients by supplying high quality, affordable and efficient safety products, ultimately allowing them to focus on growing their business and profitability.”

About ProtekPAK:

ProtekPAK is a North American company created by a team of senior engineers from various technical, military and health care backgrounds and experiences. We decided that our skills and approach to innovation in our various industries should be applied to the current world challenges and to help individuals at home and work adjust to the new normal.

Our mission is to deliver quality, innovation and protection at the best prices and with the highest level of availability.

PR Contact: Jennifer Lumba, CMO 514-602-3839

About Strategic Source:

 StrategicSource, Inc. ( is a leading strategic partner in the delivery of spend management consulting and service solutions.  Privately held and headquartered in Bloomington, MN, StrategicSource provides customized state-of-the-art services and solutions to assist companies in optimizing their profits.

PR Contact:    Dan Driscoll, Director of Marketing, 612-803-3302,

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