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Covid-19 ProtekPak

Protecting Yourself and Your Family – Active vs Passive Approach

When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, wouldn’t you like to use all means necessary to do so?

What would full protection look like? Would complete isolation until we find an effective vaccine be the answer; or until the number of infected people is reduced drastically?

How are we really going to live within this “new normal”?

With all the fake news and varied expert opinions, it can be overwhelming and quite hard to know what is really going on.

So what should we do?

  1. Should we keep reading the news and isolating ourselves and our loved ones? Should we deny the disease exists, expose ourselves to the virus, and risk getting infected? We call this the Passive Approach.
  2. Or should we take control of our life, be socially responsible, and use the proper protection while remaining environmentally friendly? We call this the Active Approach.

When pursuing an Active Approach, here are some considerations we can keep in mind:

  1. Face masks reduce the spread of the virus. They can be lifesaving, especially in proximity with elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. But not all masks bear the same quality. Did you know there is a mask that provides active protection using Biological Nanotechnology neutralizing 99% of COVID, and other viruses, bacteria and fungi? This mask is active for 10 days, which means it has the capability to replace ~ 20 disposable masks. It has better protection and is more effective since it does not require replacement as soon as it is touched.  
  2. We now know we can get infected in a number of ways. The mask only protects the mouth and nose, however, what about the eyes? Face Shields can complement the use of masks, especially for those who are more exposed to the virus in a social setting/ crowded environment. Many shields can be uncomfortable and generate a lot of waste. The good news is that now there is a face shield that not only was it designed for comfort and protection, but that is reusable and has replaceable visors. This way we can still be environmentally friendly while using our protective equipment.
  3. Lastly, as we slowly leave our homes, return to work, and school, we can be more cognizant of the places that are implementing measures to reduce infection; and refrain from visiting those places that do not. To do so, we should look for signs that the place installed antimicrobial film on high touch surfaces. There are antimicrobial films that neutralize the Coronavirus up to 99.86%, meaning they keep the surface almost free of COVID and other viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Such film is usually installed on door handles, reception desks, toilets, tables, gyms, groceries, restaurants, bars, pubs, schools, colleges, dealers, etc…

ProtekPAK is a company created to allow people and companies to restart businesses in the new normal, using the latest technologies to provide the best, antiviral, protection to all. Take the active approach and learn more.