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PPE ProtekPak

How is Your Experience With Your Current PPE Vendors?

ProtekPAK started with a vision of bringing together protection, quality, reliability in costs and delivery, as well as comfort, with the flexibility of customization. These aspects are of the utmost importance.

In the early development stages of ProtekPAK, one of the very first questions I asked companies I was in touch with was: “How is your experience with your current PPE vendors?”

The most common answers included:

  1. Quality is not consistent
  2. Prices keep changing
  3. Too many resellers, no added value
  4. Forget about certifications, they do not even deliver consistent product from the same manufacturer
  5. Delays in delivery
  6. What they advertised and what they delivered was totally different
  7. The products are terrible, and are thrown away after 15 minutes of use (Face Shield)
  8. I cannot breathe (Face masks)
  9. My ears are suffering (Face Masks)

You probably experienced some of these yourself or heard similar complaints from your employees, customers, family….

To have all that I need, does it mean I will have to pay more?  The clear answer is no!!!

Is there something different out there? YES!

ProtekPAK provides all of these personal protective equipment and more. It is cost effective because of the technology used and the innovation that is put into the products. 

Our products were designed with comfort in mind. The supply chain is reliable, and the products are environmentally friendly.

If you want your customers protected comfortably with the highest quality, you should think about our value proposition. Try our masks, face shield and “breathe” the difference.

Talk to us, you’ll be surprised.