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Covid-19 PPE ProtekPak

Honoring The Heroes On The Front Line

This post is dedicated to the many doctors, nurses and healthcare workers fighting COVID-19, risking their own lives to save others.

On October 1st-3rd 2020,  ProtekPAK hosted a group of doctors and nurses in Mexico City, after finishing their rounds in Reynosa, Tamaulipas (Border of Mexico and the US). The team were fighting against the spread of COVID-19 and treating infected patients. These amazing healthcare professionals work for a social organization of doctors that cross borders to help people in need.

We provided them with our Antiviral Face Masks that have Biological Nanotechnology, and asked them to test our face Shields.

They all loved the Face masks and one of the Doctors, Dr. Samantha Sanches Tegal, provided her testimony:

“Compared to the ones we used in the front line, the masks are much more comfortable and breathable and the Face Shield is much better to use. They are all recyclable and reduce the amount of waste, besides the protection level.”