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Covid-19 ProtekPak

Finding light in a time of darkness. How Covid-19 helped me find my passion to help others.

Finding light in a time of darkness. How Covid-19 helped me find my passion to help others.

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. One day in March 2020 I woke up and found that the world had changed forever. Countries had shutdown, financial systems were thrown into turmoil, uncertainty permeated every aspect of our lives. The worst part of that day for me was the news of people dying from this unknown and scary disease. That day in March marked the end of life as I knew it and I believe the life that most people had come to know. 

We as individuals most often pick our fights and try to deal with matters that we can control. However with COVID-19 the situation felt different. The sheer magnitude of the pandemic and its impact is much larger than any single individual, single city, single country or even the entire human race could control. The tiny 20nm virus disrupted 8 billion lives, and every one seemed so helpless. This is when I knew I had to do something. 

Definitely my immediate concern was not to get sick, but then I asked myself: “ what can I do to help others to protect themselves against COVID-19?” Don’t get me wrong, of course I was worried about my family, about my friends, my colleagues and everyone else, but this felt like a fight worth fighting!

In terms of next steps, I knew I had the right mindset but where to start?

Luckily I am surrounded by a great team of likeminded friends and colleagues, where after a few days of lengthy debates and philosophical discussions we created a new concept and a new company called ProtekPAK.

ProtekPAK is a holistic approach to protecting people at home and at work. As the founders of the company we recognized that with the COVID-19 pandemic the need for Personal Protective equipment will unfortunately be with us for the long term. Therefore, we were inspired to create a unique concept that will empower individuals and businesses to protect themselves during the pandemic and beyond. We saw the market flooded with cheap and defective products. As ProtekPAK, we decided to do everything better, by providing the best qualitythe best protection, incredible comfort with a unique combination of products manufactured and delivered in the most cost effective manner through innovation and advanced technologies. 

We have achieved a lot in the first 4 months and I am excited with what is next to come! Look out for us, we are just getting started…

ProtekPAK is a young company, but we have managed to bring together a very strong team of experienced individuals that are poised to disrupt the Person Protection Equipment industry. 2020 created an opportunity for us to help people and we intend to take full advantage!

Meet our incredible team: 

Gilad Perry – Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer 

Andre Mellul – Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Nelson Wang – General Manager LATAM 

Alex Lvovich – General Manager US & CFO 

Jennifer Lumba – Chief Marketing Officer 

Eliran Farhi –  VP Product Development  

Marc Backal – Chief Medical Officer 

Stay tuned and together we will keep all those we hold dear safe and protected. 


Sincerely yours, 

David Chernitzky

CEO of ProtekPAK